Why Join

As an Insider, you're enjoying your live, streaming or DVR television shows like you normally do while participating in ground-breaking research that helps leading companies understand the ways mobile, television, digital, social and other media are viewed, used and shared.  All while earning rewards too! 

Our research app, MI Mobile, can be used on the following devices:

  • Android smartphones and tablets that run Android version 4.0 or greater, and are not rooted.   

  • Kindle Fire HD devices that come with the built in microphones..


We appreciate the trust that our members place in us and to thank you for participating, you're entitled to participate in our rewards program:

  • Perks Points  $5.00 redemptions can occur every few weeks when the MI Mobile app is actively capturing your TV viewing and running daily as you use the device.


Participation begins with registering, then download, install, activate to run MI Mobile on your device daily. 

Joining is easy! Just click the Join Now button to get started!

About the MI Mobile app

The MI Mobile app is a small application (about 3.3 megabytes) intended to run in the background of your device(s) and not intended to interfere with your web, app, wireless phone, or battery usage.  Once installed, you should never need to re-activate the app.  The app can be manually turned on and off.  Use the Sync Log to manually push the connection.  Please note the app only works with wifi or mobile data connections.  

After installing and activating the MI Mobile app and accepting our license agreement, you just continue to use your device(s) as you normally do and have the device with you while you watch television.  To qualify for weekly rewards, you must install, activate, and consistently run the app according to MI Mobile Compliance.   Also, your device will need to be on and active while watching live TV (national networks and/or major cable channels).   You are responsible for any data charges arising on your device.

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