About Us

Our mission is simple—to understand how people view, use and share today's media, including digital, mobile, TV and social media.

Media Insiders is an ongoing TV research initiative led by Symphony Advanced Media to better understand how users view and share digital, mobile, TV, and social media. Insiders participation enables us to provide insights to help our clients make informed decisions about how they deliver information.

What We Do
We have created innovative research app technology (MI Mobile) which enables Insiders to participate in ground-breaking research about how today's consumers view Television shows. Your participation, along with thousands of other Insiders, provides insights into television viewing.

What We Don't Do
We don't violate your trust by releasing any personally identifiable information about you, your family, household member or friends to anyone, ever. Nor will we ever post on your Facebook wall or Twitter timeline. Your privacy and ongoing trust is our priority.

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